About Southside Interfaith

Our Mission

“To empower Southside residents of the City of Syracuse, New York, to organize, create, build up and support a vibrant, diverse, and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners.”

Our History

Founded in 1995, Southside Interfaith began by operating a food pantry out of the South Presbyterian Church in Syracuse, New York. Over the next decade it began networking with area church groups and became Southside Interfaith, putting on projects such as a free summer camp for inner-city youth, home rehabilitations, “Spice of Life” program for young men and women, and the Onondaga Earth Corps, which works with youth in landscaping and forestry projects in the city and county. It has partnered with a variety of community and government agencies to address needs at a grassroots level, using a sustainable model directed by local input and volunteers.

As of December 2007, Southside Interfaith became a Community Development Corporation.

In addition to the Seven Habits of Our Community and Onondaga Earth Corps, Southside Interfaith CDC is also developing a Farm Fresh Mobile Market to deliver fresh produce to inner-city neighborhoods where healthy foods are hard to come by.